“Punta Dogana da mar, 18.03.2020”

Ink pigment print
Year 2020

Print size A2 59,7 x 35,31 cm Passepartout 69,7 x 45,31 cm - Edition of 3 copies from 51/55 to 53/55

Print size A3+ 48,0 x 28,74 cm Passepartout 58,0 x 38,74 cm - Edition of 50 copies from 1/55 to 50/55

Print variable size from 70 to 120 cm wide - Edition of 2 copies from 54/55 to 55/55

Price Edition of 3, A2 size € 1.560,00 BUY NOW
Price Edition of 50, A3+ size € 780,00 BUY NOW
Price Edition of 2, variable size On request BUY NOW


Orders may be placed by email. After, you will be asked to provide a shipping address and tax data for the invoice; an email will be sent with wire transfer details. Upon receipt of the transfer, the work will be sent to the indicated address. A separate package will include the certificate of authenticity and invoice. At the end of the project, the results will be published online on the same site, and an email will be sent to each buyer with information on the total sales and the transfer made by the artist to CBM Italia.