Due to Covid-19 and the lockdown, Venice showed itself for the first, and probably the only time in his history, in all its amazing beauty. Free from the suffocating mass of tourists, free from traffic, free from pollution and noise, and free to show its perfect shapes, its lights and its shadows, its spaces uncontaminated by what is probably the real unbeatable and incurable virus: the defilement of Venice’s beauty by man’s lawlessness and lack of regard. Even with this beauty, there is a prevailing feeling of drama, of loss.
A cruelty in the light, a threat in the shadows, a fear for the future of the city, and it is this feeling that I have tried to convey with my photographs.

With the support and partnership of the BANCA GENERALI, Michele Alassio will be donating the proceeds of the sales of single copies in the numbered editions and Portfolios, which encompass all the images of the series, will be donated to CBM Italia. For this series, given the beneficial purpose, the artist decided to increase the edition from the usual 5-10 copies per subject to 55 copies, and to lower the price of the photographs to make them more accessible to a large public.

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