From the collaboration between Banca Generali and Michele Alassio, an internationally renowned photographer, comes the exhibition that presents the numerous shots that show the city of Venice during the days of the lockdown.

Banca Generali has decided to support Michele Alassio's project, with whom he has already collaborated on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the listing of the stock in Piazza Affari, not only for the artistic content and attention to sustainability, but also and above all for the beneficial purpose that Alassio himself strongly wanted.

The proceeds from the sales of the single copies in numbered edition and of the Portfolios that collect all the images of the Series will be donated to CBM Italia with which Banca Generali collaborates on several projects related to the Covid-19 emergency in Italy, both in the health sector than social.

Cooperation between Banca Generali and CBM Italy

The cooperation with Banca Generali is part of the projects carried out by CBM Italy in the context of the COVID-19 health and social emergency.

Banca Generali supported the first HUMANITAS Hospital Covid Center with a donation in order to purchase a multifunctional ultrasound system for the EMERGENCY HOSPITAL 19 in Rozzano (Milano). This multifunctional ultrasound system treated patients that were suffering from COVID-19 and also from other infectious diseases.

The Covid Center in Bergamo, that is currently under construction at Humanitas Gavazzeni, will also have a sanitary machinery purchased with the contribution of Banca Generali.
The collaboration between Banca Generali and CBM Italy led also to a social inclusion project for some families of children with severe disabilities. During the COVID-19 emergency all these families suffered the lack of essential care and services.

Thanks to +ARIA project, 22 children with CHARGE syndrome were guaranteed therapies, educational and recreational programs, created together with the Mondo CHARGE association.

Who is Banca Generali?

Banca Generali is a leading private bank in Italy in financial planning and client asset protection, backed by a network of consultants-private bankers at the top of the sector in terms of skills and professionalism.
The bank's mission highlights the role of trusted people alongside the customer over time to build and take care of his life projects.
For years, Banca Generali has been involved throughout the country in promoting alternative paths for the enjoyment of art. By opening the doors of its offices in Italy, Banca Generali offers free to customers and enthusiasts to admire works by contemporary artists and those linked to the territory. Furthermore, since 2018, Banca Generali has inaugurated BG Art Talent, a program for the enhancement of young emerging Italian artists whose works are exhibited annually at the Bank's headquarters in Palazzo Pusterla in Milan.

Who is CBM Italy?

CBM Italia is a humanitarian organisation committed to preventing and treating blindness and avoidable disability, as well as to the inclusion of persons with disabilities in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Italy. CBM Italia is part of CBM (Christian Blind Mission), an international organisation active since 1908 that seeks to include and improve the quality of life for persons with disabilities who live in developing countries.
In the last year, CBM Italy has carried out 48 projects in 17 countries, reaching 1.871.171 adults and children with medical, educational and inclusive development programs.